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Waiter / Waitress Canham, Sheen Lane

Waiting tables in a casual F&B led restaurant. Canham is newly opened as of November 2016 and has already gained many regular...

Full Time


6.6 miles

Waiter / Waitress Ponte Vecchio, West Byfleet

Ponte Vecchio is a most enjoyable and relaxed venue in which to savour some of the most delicious Italian food to be had in...

Full Time


20.0 miles

Waiter / Waitress Jobs In london FAQs
  • Q. What hours should I be expected to work as a waitress in London?

    The hours and shifts for a waiter/waitress depends on the opening hours of the restaurant. However, most restaurants are open during weekends and evenings. In many restaurants, workers are on a weekly rota and can change their shifts, giving them flexible hours. Some waitresses are on a full-time contract, which means they will be on the rota 35-40 hours/week. Working evenings and weekends can often result in higher tips. 

  • Q. What experience is required to work as a waitress?

    For many restaurants, the personality of a waitress is more important than experience. Many hospitality employers provide their employees with necessary training. However, customer service experience is always a plus when applying for waitress jobs. If you lack experience but want to work in hospitality, an option is to start as a bar-back or food runner and work your way up.