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Retail Assistant Chozen Noodle, Cobham

we are looking for people to join our team in Cobham services station, we look for energetic and "heart working" people to work...

Full Time


17.4 miles

Retail Assistant Jobs In london FAQs
  • Q. 
What experience is required to work as a retail assistant?

    There is no formal qualification required to work as a retail assistant in London. However, good customer care skills and customer service experience will be helpful. It is also valuable to employers if a retail assistant candidate has good numeracy skills, which is helpful when handling cash. A part of being a retail assistant is often to up-sell and convince the customer, therefore sales experience is a big plus when applying for retail assistant jobs.

  • Q. What skills do employers generally look for when hiring a retail assistant?

    Employers tend to look for retail assistants who are able to get on well with people and work as a team, who are polite and service-minded, confident, energetic, responsible and reliable. 

  • Q. What is the average salary of a retail assistant in London?

    The average salary for retail assistants in London is currently £6.41. Many retail companies also offer benefits such as commission and bonus schemes depending on your performance as a retail assistant. 

  • Q. What hours should I be expected to work as a retail assistant in London?

    As a full-time retail assistant, you would normally work 35-40 hours a week. You will most likely be working weekend and evening shifts as well. Part-time work for retail assistants is often available. a full-time job you would normally work between 35 and 40 hours a week, possibly including weekends and evenings. Part-time work is often available for retail assistants in London.