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Receptionist Jobs In london FAQs
  • Q. What is the average salary of a receptionist in London?

    The average annual salary for receptionists in London is currently £22,492. This varies on the company you work for. 

  • Q. What hours should I be expected to work as a receptionist in London?

    Most receptionist jobs are standard office hours between 9-5, but depending on the business receptionists may also be required evenings and weekends.

  • Q. What experience is required to work as a receptionist?

    There is no formal certification required in order to work as a receptionist in London. However, many employers prefer you to have GCSEs, particularly in English and maths. IT skills and customer service experience will also be useful. 

  • Q. What skills do employers generally look for when hiring a receptionist?

    Receptionists are the first point of contact for an organisation. It’s successful receptionist candidate will have a friendly personality, confidence and excellent communication skills. It’s also helpful to speak multiple languages.