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  • Oct 13

  • £7.5/hour

  • 1.0 Miles

Head Baker / Full Time

Head Baker at Simit Sarayi

- Reports directly to the Operations Manager.
- Provides functional assistance & direction to the entire production team, to allow a smooth run of the production side of the bakery operation.
- Interacts & maintains a good relationship with all our suppliers.


1. Supervises the day to day function of all production side of the bakeries, including employees, grooming, facilities, sales & cost.
2. Communicates on a regular basis with Operations manager.
3. Controls & analyses, on an ongoing basis, the following:
- Quality levels of production, guest satisfaction.
- Sanitation, Cleanliness and Hygiene.
- Ensures optimum performance in each of the above areas
4. Manages, co-ordinates and directs efficiently all production areas.
5. Establishes & maintains effective employee’s relations.
6. Follows the company sales & production planning standards.
7. Ensure all daily kitchen records are registered, followed up filed.
8. Ensures a good knowledge of health department regulations, must enforce standards regarding food handling practices, safety & sanitation.
9. Ensures the bakery achieves the standards of performance as outlined by Simit Sarayi.
10. Plans and orders according to work plan & standards to maximize sales & gross profit.
11. Ensures that all new starters receive proper training & supervision and develop all present employees for future opening shops.
12. Develops new bakery items such as new sandwiches, salads, breakfast ideas…
13. Ensure that specification sheets are produced & explained to all kitchen staff.
14. Ensures all correct ordering, receiving, unloading, storage, rotation of stock & building of shop displays.
15. Ensure that all invoices are placed on shop control sheet & filed accordingly.
16. Ensure that all workers daily working hours are registered.
17. Conducts under the guidance of the Operations Manager & Human Resources’ such functions as interviewing, hiring, employee’s induction, on the job performance, coaching, counselling and suspension if it is necessary to ensure appropriate staffing & productivity.
18. Develops formal training plans with the HR department & implements on the job training sessions for all kitchen /production staff.
19. Review of all day to day reports (Control Sheet, Daily report, wastage)
20. Control stock for daily use of the store & place all food related orders as business requires.
21. Ensures store monthly food budgets are met at the end of each month.
22. Understands the financial aspect of business, cost, margin...
23. Ensures that weekly & monthly Food inventories are provided & double checked and relevant reports are sent on time.
24. Attends & contributes to meetings at Head office or via Skype.
25. Conducts internal weekly / Monthly meeting with Kitchen management team & weekly /monthly meeting with the entire production team.
26. Participates in service as necessary in accordance with the requirements & practices of the store.
27. Ensures all standards are met & implemented Simit Sarayi’s health, safety, hygiene and fire policy.
28. Ensures all Production employees are instructed on Simit Sarayi’s staff Hand Book.
29. Ensures that general instructions from your operations Managers are carried out.
30. Ensure all Simit Sarayi equipment are kept in good condition at all time.




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