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Cleaner Jobs In london FAQs
  • Q. What hours should I be expected to work as a cleaner in London?

    Working as a cleaner often means flexible work hours, but you may required to work late nights and weekends. Unsociable hours are usually better-paid. 

  • Q. What is the average salary of a cleaner in London?

    The average pay for a cleaner in London is £6.85 per hour. Salary for cleaners does not change much by experience. Most cleaners operate on a freelance basis or through a local agency. 

  • Q. What experience is required to work as a cleaner?

    Their is no formal certification required for cleaners. Valuable experience would be knowing what cleaning chemical to use for each task and what safety procedures to follow. 

  • Q. What is the average salary of a barista in London?

    The average hourly wage for baristas in London is £6.56.