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Barista Jobs In london FAQs
  • Q. What hours should I be expected to work as a barista in London?

    Working as a barista means you’ll be working early mornings, when coffee shops are the busiest. Most coffee shops close in the afternoon/early evenings, but are open on weekends. Part-time opportunities are often available for baristas in London.

  • Q. What experience is required to work as a barista?

    No particular qualification is required to work as a barista. However, customer service experience, catering or hospitality work ’s not essential to have any particular qualifications to work as a barista. If you have some experience already of working in a customer service or catering environment, this can benefit you just as well.

  • Q. What is the average salary of a barista in London?

    The average hourly wage for baristas in London is £6.56. 

  • Q. What skills do employers generally look for when hiring a barista?

    When hiring baristas, employers usually want people with a positive and friendly attitude, the ability to multi-task, work well under pressure. A passion for coffee is, of course, a plus when working as a barista.