Hello, we're YapJobs!

The right people. The right time. The right place. YapJobs gets it
all together. We're nifty at matching employers and employees.
Because we love a world that works.

Our Approach

Working with London’s top businesses

Simple sign up process for both employer and employee

Matching the right candidates with the right businesses

Our Founders

Shahzad b9c73f60dae9088c05ba0cb4d08ed0701842f4285126bc9f9af8b6536b1d141c
Shahzad Ali


Shahzad is a passionate entrepreneur and the CEO of YapJobs. He is responsible for the overall strategic direction and growth of the business. His purpose in life is to seek knowledge, create value and share wisdom to make our world a better place. That's why he created YapJobs – to make life easier for people.

Zen 955d55d596aa616fbe57fea768519578f51f060a6e0367f489017658771eca80
Xen Lategan


Xen has over 14 years of experience building large-scale tech solutions. He wants to have an impact on society, and he loves challenging ”fat cat industries”, like recruitment. YapJobs is here to help people get jobs faster, without traditional CV's. ”We're a friendly app, and we're here to be your friend.”

Xiad 8d7a6ee3f38ef6547380b11f456399081e333f4d79ed2cd2e84e17375e00036c
Ziad Tassabehji


Ziad has been setting up and investing in tech startups for 20 years. He is passionate about investing for a purpose – ideas that have a measurable social impact. He strongly believes YapJobs to be a real game-changer for hospitality recruitment and shares the ”can-do attitude” that is behind the YapJobs team.


YapJobs Limited

WeWork Moorgate

1 Fore Street



YapJobs is a powerful tool for hospitality recruitment.
We are working with leading businesses to find and recruit the right talent.

Some Yappy facts

Behind the scenes, there's genius at work. Here
are a few Yappy insights of what's going on at YapJobs HQ.

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